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Projects:  Aberrational Expressionism

Project Statement:

What may appear disparate and disconnected images are in fact intrinsically linked by concept and a unique defining technique.  Crucially, each photograph in the series is created “in camera” with only minimal post processing limited to manipulation of levels and cropping.  The process is based around an abuse of a function that requires variant exposures to be composited together to produce an HDR image.  This function expects each exposure to be identically composed and shot on a tripod.  However, each of these images are created using a range of moving subjects and camera movements.  Each one is effectively a glitch, an aberration, a peculiarity of this camera function.  And each possesses a variety of aesthetic qualities and poetic interpretations. 


Filled with both happy accidents and fortuitous occurrences along with skill, intuition, careful manipulation and selection; this project has produced a plethora of results from the graphic to the abstract.  Each is the expression of a real event that is the culmination of the actual, the technical, the gestural and happenstance.


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