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Artist Statement 2014


In 2014 I returned to photographing nature up close and personal.  Concentrating on abstracting planes of flora with shallow depths of field, my compositions owe as much to the areas lacking in focus as those with pinpoint sharpness.  I have attempted to make the flat photographic image more accessible through the physicality of paint in a  series of oil paintings.  Searching for nuances beyond the constraints of photography, these paintings celebrate the light and detail of the photographs whilst accentuating their painterly qualities.


Recently I have been exploring the possibilities of multiple exposures and HDR photography. Injecting a new lease of life into my work, the results have been invigorating, inviting the viewer to become so intensely involved with seeing that the colour pixels appear to meld, melt, drip and smudge.  These photographs are generated solely as the composite of frames taken on the camera with the only post-production work being cropping and lighting adjustments, thus they maintain a freshness and spontaneity that would not be achieved through digital manipulation on the computer.


I am compelled to produce photographs that push towards the abstract, gestural spontaneity of painting. Exploring textures, distortions, movements, abstractions, extractions, layering and composites through the lens is fuelling my current passion.



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