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Projects:  Sundown at Bank Junction

Project Statement:

This series of photographs was created on site, in camera and with post-production limited to adjusting levels and cropping.  It was shot on a sunny autumn afternoon through twilight and into dusk from just a few vantage points on a single junction in the heart of London’s financial district.  An unusual photographic technique, great light and a vibrant environment combining to form a dramatic visual narrative. 

After a hectic rush hour, evening draws in.  The light fades and the streets begin to empty out.  Artificial lights start to dominate the compositions and produce vibrant dynamics, counterpointing the traditional clean lines and light trails associated with night photography in the city.  Dusk seeps from the sky and absorbs itself into the landscape.  A nigh on apocalyptic depiction of a street scene concludes the series with odd fractious elements collaging themselves to the very front of the picture plane.

The photographs were all generated by a considered abuse of a camera function that normally requires absolute stillness.  Applying it to moving subjects results in ghosting and peculiar abstractions (warned against in camera manual), whilst in the most successful images, it formulates a fine balance of static and moving elements.  Pushing this technique to extremes has helped curate a highly personalised aesthetic and generated its own subsets of styles.


The broad aim of the project is to produce painterly impressions of the world around me, using photography.  However, unlike the painter - who allows his interpretation to inform his paintings - I let the camera, performance, subject matter, time and happenstance generate mine.


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