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Artist Statement 2012


I spend as much time as the English weather affords me rooting around the local woodlands searching for magical moments of sunlight playing through the leaves and branches.  I have become obsessed with capturing these with my camera, such that the results could easily be read as paintings.  I then take these painterly photographs and work directly on top of them in the studio using whatever techniques necessary to complete them as actual paintings.


The results are vastly varied covering the spectrum of figuration to abstraction.  Some leave much of the photograph intact, whilst others have had it almost entirely removed from the composition.  The colours are often bright and vivid and reflect the season they originated in.  Many are heavily textured, adding physicality to the work, not normally associated with photography.


I also take photographs of details of my paintings and work over them so that they are transformed into landscapes. These paintings allow the viewer to become involved in other worldliness, immersed in themes of immensity, macro and micro.  This body of work references a breadth of landscape painting whilst sitting provocatively on the edges of taste and convention.



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