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Artist Statement 2013


The year 2013 saw me undertake a project disassociated from my usual practice.  Allowing myself the time to indulge a long standing love for balancing objects, whilst being extremely enjoyable, enabled me to draw parallels between the worlds of painting and sculpture. The journey from balance to painting was always exciting, involving plenty of rebuilding, exhilarating crashes and running for the camera; a process which always offered new challenges.


Creating the sculptures out of such an array of objects unsurprisingly uncovered differing issues of balance and precariousness. In order to retain this sense of instability and fragility, one had to practice an acute attention to detail, thus honing and refining my painting skills.


The light-hearted nature of this series of paintings is evident in the titles of the works, which I selected to somewhat reflect the playful quality each piece holds. In its conclusion, this finite body of work comprises of eight paintings, exploring notions of sculpture, precariousness and ephemerality.


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