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Artist Statement 2016-17

All my photographs are created on site and in-camera.  It is crucial to me that they are not re-worked in any image software.  Only adjustments to light, dark and cropping are made on computer afterwards.  Each one is made using a technique that contradicts the proper functionality requirements for High Dynamic Range imagery. 

According to all official manuals, the camera must remain fixed, preferably on a tripod, and the subject matter stationary to avoid distortion and ghosting.  It is the possibilities within these distortions and ghostings which interest me.  Rejecting the stillness and introducing chance and performance to the process has allowed me to build a unique art form.

In Sundown at Bank Junction, the movements of people and traffic in the heart of London’s financial district are portrayed as the sun sets, twilight draws in and then dusk takes hold.  It is an expressionistic response to a vibrant place over the course of a single evening.

The emphasis for Aberrational Expressionism is on deviating from the prescribed camera functionality to create something uncontrolled and unexpected.  Wandering entranced amidst visually rich parts of the globe allowing all weathers and variables to infuse into the photographs.  The compelling images created are effectively a glitch, an aberration, a peculiarity of a camera function that are able to inform the viewer some of what is underneath and in front of what we see.

My intention is to create photographs that capture more than a snapshot in time.  I seek to describe moments which are created in collusion between myself, camera and subject matter.  The result is a series of personal, painterly responses to the world that create a dynamic interplay between abstraction and figuration.  I am in constant negotiation between the very precise technology of digital photography, intuition and happenstance to produce an elusive image.


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